• Specialty fiber optic sensing cables

    A wide variety of fiber optic cable designs are offered. In particular, tube encased fiber (TEF) cables for reservoir management systems are used with downhole distributed and discrete sensing technologies. Draka Cableteq USA has a completed complement of all cable production processes for TEF cables including laser welded fiber in metal tube (tube), thick walled sheathed tube welding, cabling twisted cores, and extrusions of low and high temperature polymers.

  • Fiber Bragg Gratings

    FBGS is a Belgium / Germany based developer and manufacturer of high strength Fiber Bragg Gratings (FBG) using draw tower technology.  Draw Tower Gratings – DTG®’s – are written during the drawing process of the fiber.   This automated process results in very high quality, cost effective Fiber Bragg Gratings making them ideally suited to temperature sensing, strain sensing, and fiber tagging.   These ‘Draw Tower Gratings’ – DTG® – are supplied as an OEM component into various industries and can today be found in many applications and products worldwide.

    Fiber Bragg Gratings