Lowell Innovation Consulting can help your company create break-out opportunities with new customers, new partners, and new products.

We will work with your company to assess your current innovation capabilities, market position, and product portfolio to match it with an innovation strategy that differentiates your company from your competitors to create growth.


Mark Lowell’s knowledge base spans over 25 years in wire and cable industry where he held numerous and diverse R&D, Marketing, and General Management positions including the following: VP Innovation, VP Engineering, VP Marketing, General Manager, Busi- ness Unit Manager, Director R&D, and Research Scientist.

He led teams that developed numerous new break-out business opportunities for both small companies and for large, complex global organizations. He had done this in a wide range of specialty electrical and optical fiber cable applications and technologies, including:

• Fiber optic sensors

• Down-hole cables for oil, gas, and geothermal

• Tube encapsulated cables

• Offshore drilling rig and marine shipboard cables

• Military Cables

• Utility power and control cables

• Power and control cables

• Flame retardant insulations and jackets

His solid technical credentials and demonstrated leadership enable him to quickly master new challenges and collaborate effectively with diverse organizations. Mark has a passion for strategically aligning customer needs with the company’s capabilities to create innovative solutions.

Mark Lowell's experience spans more than 25 years in wire and cable where he held numerous and diverse R&D, marketing, and general management.