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What Is Your Innovation Profile?

Lowell Innovation can assess and improve the innovation process by conducting an “innovation profile” analysis. This is a financial based analysis of the existing product development projects within the context of current technologies, markets, and innovation resources. This analysis can be used to assess innovation opportunities and identify the hard choices about projects to feed, fix, find, hold, or drop.

It identifies resources needed internally and externally to achieve growth targets and market differentiation. Knowing your innovation profile will focus efforts on the highest potential opportunities and align resources to launch strategies for immediate impact and winning product plans.

Who Are Your Innovation Partners?

Lowell Innovation Consulting can open your innovation pipeline by identifying and building new partnerships to fill gaps in existing in-house innovation capabilities.

We are skilled at matching your company up with new partners that being fresh ideas, new capabilities, and deeper expertise in key topic areas of interest.

At What Rate Are New Products Being Created?

Lowell Innovation Consulting can evaluate your existing R&D capabilities, resources, and procedures and help you identify and manage the changes necessary to re-organize product and business development activities that can deliver better solutions more quickly.

We can show you how to measure and set goals for new product development (NPD). Improved NPD precesses, communications, and measurements lead to increased innovation team effectiveness from idea genesis to commercialization.

Do You Need Help Managing Large Projects?

Our expertise in building collaboration and working cross-functionally can help you manage your complex projects. More than simply an adviser, we can be a valued leader and contributor on your team as a project manager for product or business development projects.

Lowell Innovation Consulting provides the leadership to integrate the big picture goals and the team focus on priority activities and project details to achieve timely execution. We actively partner with business leadership, technical professionals, and individual team members to target and conquer new opportunities.

How Do You Make Your Good People Better?

Lowell Innovation Consulting offers organizational workshops, executive training and coaching, professional development, and staffing assessments to help your people be more innovative.